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2012 Flu Surveillance Reports
2013 BOH Meeting Minutes/Agendas
2013 Flu Surveillance Reports
2014 BOH Meeting Minutes/Agendas
2014 Flu Surveillance Reports
2015 Board of Health Meetings
2015 Flu Surveillance Reports
2016 Board of Health Meetings
2016 Epigram Reports
2016 Flu Surveillance Reports
2017 Flu Surveillance Reports
2017 THRIVE Partner Appreciation
About OPHI
Active Lifestyle - Local Program
Active Lifestyle - Parks/Trails
Active Lifestyle - Websites
Administration Contacts
Air Pollution Control
Air Quality
Air Quality Information Archives
Current AQI
Contact Us
Air Quality Awareness Week
Open Burning
Programs and Services
Resources and Links
Yard Waste
Arthropod-borne disease
Tick Information
Attachments for 800-036-P
Beautify a Neighborhood
Bed Bugs
Board of Health
Anju G. Mader, M.D.
Bernadine Snell
Ernest Schott
Marc Fiorentino, M.D.
Stephen Hickman, D.V.M.
Board of Health Training
BOH Meeting Minutes
2017 Board of Health Meetings
Event Detail
Committee Meeting Information
Community Gardens
Community Health Indicators
Contact Page
Contact Us
Current Zika Information
Dangers of Smoking
Day Cares
Dental Sealant Program
Dental Sealant Information
Department List
Department Policies & Procedures
100 Admin
200 Nursing Policies
Attachments and Appendices Assoc
Attachments for 200-002-P
Attachments for 200-004-P
Attachments for 200-005-P
Attachments for 200-006-P
Forms for 200-002-P
Forms for 200-005-P
Forms for 200-006-P
300 APC Policies
400 Laboratory
Attachments and Appendices Assoc
Attachments and Appendices Assoc
Attachments for 400-001-P
Attachments for 400-001-01-P
Attachments for 400-001-10-P
Attachments for 400-001-02-P
Attachments for 400-001-03-P
Attachments for 400-001-04-P
Attachments for 400-001-05-P
Attachments for 400-001-06-P
Attachments for 400-001-07-P
Attachments for 400-001-08-P
Forms with 400-001-03-P
Attachments for 400-003-P
Forms with Policy 400-001-P
Forms with 400-001-01-P
Forms with 400-001-10-P
Forms with 400-001-02-P
Forms with 400-001-04-P
Forms with 400-001-05-P
Forms with 400-001-06-P
Forms with 400-001-07-P
Forms with 400-001-08-P
Forms with 400-001-09-P
Forms with Policy 400-002-P
Forms with Policy 400-003-P
Forms with Policy 400-004-P
500 Environmental Health
Forms for 500-004-P
Forms with 500-001-P
600 Vital Statistics
800 General Health Department
800-001 Forms
800-003 Forms
800-006 Forms
800-011 Forms
Attachments and Appendices Assoc
Attachments for 800-004-P
Attachments for 800-005-P
Attachments for 800-006-P
Attachments for 800-009-P
Attachments for 800-011-P
Attachments for 800-015-P
Attachments for 800-016-P
Attachments for 800-017-P
Attachments for 800-019-P
Attachments for 800-020-P
Attachments for 800-022-P
Attachments for 800-027-P
Attachments for 800-028-P
Attachments for 800-029-P
Attachments for 800-030-P
Attachments for 800-041-P
Attachments for 800-042-P
Attachments for 800-050-P
Forms for 800-005-P
Forms for 800-017-P
Forms for 800-019-P
Forms for 800-025-P
Forms for 800-027-P
Forms for 800-032-P
Forms for 800-041-P
Forms for 800-042-P
Forms with Policy 800-002-P
Forms with Policy 800-012-P
Forms with Policy 800-015-P
Forms with Policy 800-016-P
Forms with Policy 800-038-P
Policy 800-004-P Forms
Position Descriptions
Admin Position Descriptions
APC Position Descriptions
EH Position Descriptions
Laboratory Position Descriptions
Nursing Position Descriptions
OPHI Position Descriptions
VS Position Descriptions
WIC Position Descriptions
Fiscal Policies
EH Employee Telephone List
Employee Information
Employment Opportunities
Environmental Health
Indoor Air Quality
Lead Hazard Prevention
Lead Specialized Cleaning
Lead-safe Tips
Nuisance Investigations
Poor Indoor Sanitation
Recycling Program
Restaurant Inspections
Online Reports
Temporary Event Information
School Environments
Solid/Infectious Waste
Stormwater Management Program
Swimming Pools and Spas
Tattoo and Body Piercing
Excessive animal waste
Flood Information
Flu Clinic Schedule
Forms for 700-004-P
Forms for 800-009-P
Genealogy Requests
Health Cert Order
Health Commissioner
Health Commissioner Biography
Health Department
Health Eating - Websites
Health Partner Contacts & Links
Healthy Eating - Farmer's Market
Healthy Eating - Recipes
Healthy Lifestyle
Household sewage treatment
Laboratory Contact List
Leadership Team
List of Employee Contacts
Local Tobacco Cessation Programs
Minority Health Conversations
News Print
Childhood/Adult Immunizations
Immunization Schedule - Adult
Immunization Schedule 0 to 18
Clinic Schedule
Communicable Disease
Funding Opportunities
Healthy Start
HIV/AIDS Programming
Lead Poisoning Prevention
Seasonal Flu Program
Stark County Fairgrounds Clinic
Sexual Health and HIV/AIDS
Staff Listing
STD Statistics
Travel Immunizations
Travel Immunization Price List
Tuberculosis Testing
Office of Public Health Info.
Education and Outreach
Annual Report
2003 EpiGram Reports
2003 Epigram Reports
2004 Epigram Reports
2005 Epigram Reports
2006 Epigram Reports
2007 Epigram Reports
2008 Epigram Reports
2009 Epigram Reports
2010 Epigram Reports
2011 Epigram Reports
2012 Epigram Reports
2013 Epigram Reports
2014 Epigram Reports
2015 Epigram Reports
2017 Epigrams
2018 Epigrams
Historical EpiGram
HAN Messages
Influenza Surveillance
2018 Flu Surveillance Reports
OPHI Contacts
Past BOH Meeting Minutes/Agendas
Performance and QI
QI Project 1
QI Project 2
Photo Gallery
Power Outage Information
Coalition Meetings
No Training Workshops Scheduled
PREP Resources
Scheduled Training Workshops
Training Workshops
Youth Training Request
H1N1 Clinic Schedule
H1N1 Pre-Registration
Stark County PHEP Grant
Privacy Policy
Private - Flu Reports
Private water systems
Public Health System Assessment
Public Health Study Commission
Quality Improvement
Rabies prevention
Recycle Center Contacts
Services Offered
Smoke Free Programs
Stark County THRIVE
Strategic Plan 2014
Stress Management
THRIVE - Infant Mortality
THRIVE Contact Page
Tips for Health Eating
Tobacco Free Websites
Training and Seminars
Travel Reimbursement Forms
View Birth Certificate Order
View Cart
View Checkout
View Death Certificate Order
View Payment
View Welcome
Vital Statistics
Vital Statistics Staff
Water Testing Information
WIC Contact Information
Women, Infants and Children
Breastfeeding Information
income eligibility
Farmer's Market
Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ's)
Program Description
WIC Contact Information

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