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Quality Improvement Project: Phone Routing and Answering #1

Project Summary: Standardize the process of phone routing and answering in all divisions throughout CCHD to reduce the number of staff involved, the requirements for cross training, call transfer errors and call transfer length of time. These improvements will improve customer and employee satisfaction.

Project Initiation:

Terri D. submitted a Quality Improvement (QI) Project Proposal for Phone Routing and Answering on 11/15/2016. This project proposal was reviewed and scored by the Quality Improvement Committee (QIC) on 11/16/2016. The QIC selected this proposal to be a QI Project in 2017 on 01/18/2017.

The QIC selected staff from CCHD to form the Quality Improvement Project Team (QIPT) responsible to complete this project. Below is the list of the QIPT members.

Quality Improvement Project Team (QIPT) Members:

Name Position Title Level Division Role
Heather Macdonald  Laboratory Technician Non-management 
Lab QIPT Consultant/Fresh Perspective
Terri Dzienis APC Administrator Management    APC QIPT Consultant Helper  
Ashley Archer WIC Assistant Non-management WIC Subject Matter Expert
Jil Neuman PH Clerk II Non-management VS Subject Matter Expert
Connie Standard PH Clerk I Non-management Nursing Subject Matter Expert
Connie Ash
PH Clerk I   Non-management EH   Subject Matter Expert







Quality Improvement Project Documents and Conclusion:

The QI project was completed on 10/12/2018. The documents explaining the project team plan-do-check-act (PDCA) process, improvements implemented, and conclusions are below.

QI Project Worksheet

QI Project Improvement Action Plan

QI Project 1-Page Graphical Summary



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