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Canton City Health District Strategic Plan

August 2014

To the Canton City Board of Health and to the Citizens of Canton City:

Over the past several years, we have experienced many changes as a community and as a Health Department.  With the dedication of our public health workforce, we have made the health department a stronger organization.

The Health Department has many new opportunities on the horizon.  Whether working towards national public health accreditation, exploring new programs to address pressing public health issues or working towards reducing the infant mortality rate, there will be a lot of changes over the next three years.

The Strategic Planning Committee of the Canton City Health Department (CCHD) developed a 2014-2016 Strategic Plan.  This Strategic Plan outlines a set of priorities and strategies to address a number of issues in the health department.  It ranges from community health, staff training, technology improvement, fiscal management, public health workforce and collaborative leadership.  It follows the basic outline of the 10 essential public health services and the National Public Health Performance Standards.  Underlying all the strategic priorities is the mission to prevent, promote and protect the health of our community.

It is my pleasure to present the Canton City Health Department’s 2014-2016 Strategic Plan.

In good health,


James M. Adams, RS, MPH
Health Commissioner


Click Here to download a copy of the strategic plan as a PDF file.



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