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Healthy Start
Income Guidelines
(Effective July 18, 2007)

Coverage for Children, Families and Pregnant Women

Healthy Start health insurance is available to children from birth up to age nineteen in families who meet the income guidelines.  It is also available to women with a confirmed statement of pregnancy.  For children to get coverage, a family's countable monthly income must be at or below the monthly guidelines in the table below.  Even if a family's income is higher than what is listed in the table, the children may still be eligible because eligibility for Healthy Start is based on countable income, not total income.  Please encourage families to apply for coverage for their children, even if their income is slightly above the guidelines listed below.  For more information in Stark County, please call (330) 451-8161, FACES of Stark County at (330) 455-2520, or contact your local health department.

Eligibility for coverage is based on monthly income and assumes fulltime and continuous employment throughout the year.

Low Income Families
(100% of FPL)

Gross Earnings per month
Healthy Start for Pregnancy
(150% of FPL)

Gross Earnings per month
Healthy Start for children through18 years
(200% of FPL)

Gross Earnings per month
1   851 1,276 1,702
2 1,141 1,711 2,282
3 1,431 2,146 2,862
4 1,721 2,581 3,442
5 2,011 3,016 4,022
6 2,301 3,451 4,602
7 2,591 3,886 5,182
8 2,881 4,321 5,762
For each additional person, add:   290   435   580
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