The Canton City Health Department, in support of Homeland Security, is actively working on Preparedness Plans to protect the citizens of the City of Canton and its visitors from the effects of manmade and naturally-occurring events.  The purpose of this planning is to prepare us to respond quickly and efficiently to a wide range of disasters such as acts of terrorism, severe weather conditions, infectious disease outbreaks and other public health threats and emergencies.


The Canton City Health Department is working closely with the other health departments in Stark County as well as our hospitals, EMA, law enforcement, fire departments, schools, Red Cross and other related agencies in the development of these plans.  It is essential that we maintain close communication with these partners in order to best serve our public.


One key aspect of our preparedness efforts is providing accurate and timely educational information regarding current health issues.  It is important that our citizens also be prepared in the case of a terrorist attack or natural disaster.


The Canton City Health Department follows the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines for our planning and educational purposes.



Links of Interest


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