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Welcome to the polices and procedures section for the Canton City Health District (CCHD).  This area contains the links to the approved policies and procedures for staff at the CCHD.

100 Administration

200 Nursing

250 Women, Infants and Children

300 Air Pollution Control

400 Laboratory

500 Environmental Health

600 Vital Statistics

700 Fiscal

800 General Health Department

900 Office of Public Health Information

These documents have been carefully written and have been approved for use in the district. These policies are the OFFICIAL polices and procedures.  Policies that were not obtained from this website may not be current and may not be relied upon as official documents.  Staff should NOT print out copies of policies for their own private policy notebooks.  Printed copies of policies may not be current and are not official. You should refer to this website for any changes or updates to existing documents, or new documents.

These documents are stored in PDF format and should be able to be opened and viewed on any Adobe PDF reader.  A current version of PDF reader should be installed on your computer. Many of the documents are stored as a PDF Portfolio.  PDF Portfolios are also able to be opened in any version of PDF Reader.  This is like a notebook that contains one or more documents. Sometimes forms, templates or other materials are stored in the original document format (such as Word .doc(x), Excel .xls(x), PowerPoint .ppt(x) or other format inside the portfolio. You may download and use these forms or attachments as needed and outlined in the associated policy or procedure.  DO NOT save local copies on your computer for reuse.  Always refer to the original source document for the official document. 

The table below illustrates the numbering convention that is used for polices, procedures and forms.  The first three digits of the number indicate the division that is the "owner" of the document.  Subsequent numbers uniquely identify the document.  Specific details about the naming of polices and forms is outlined in 800-001-P Standards for Writing and Approving Policies, Procedures, Standard Operating Guidelines and Forms.  Click on the appropriate section number below to go to the page containing those document references. 

If you have questions about the use of a particular policy, procedure, or form, please consult with your supervisor. This area is maintained by Robert Knight and Christi Allen. 

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