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2018-2020 Quality Improvement Plan for the agency was approved on September 19, 2018. Click here to view the written plan, click here to view the plan attachments, and click here to view the plan forms. This plan is a revision to the initial 2016-2017 QI plan.

For a brief summary of the initial 2016-2017 QI plan, click here to view the presentation shared during the All Staff Meeting held 10/28/2016. A brief summary of the revisions made to the plan for the 2018-2020 QI Plan was included in the presentation for the All Staff Meeting held 10/24/2018, which has a link under the QI Plan Goals and Objective Progress section below.

The Quality Improvement Committee (QIC) is responsible to oversee the quality improvement (QI) program at the agency. Click here to see the QIC team charter that discusses their responsibilities and structure. Below is the list of the current QIC members.

Quality Improvement Committee Members:

Name Job Position Title Level Division QIC Role Date Started Term Expires
Terri Dzienis APC Director Management-Leadership APC Chairperson 
Sharon Foster WIC Assistant
Non-Management   WIC Member 07/17/2019 07/17/2022
Steve Smith         
Staff Sanitarian I Non-Management EH Member 09/18/2019
Staff Nurse II Non-Management Nursing   
Member TBD TBD
Rob Knight Performance Improvement and Accreditation Coordinator Non-Management OPHII Member 01/15/2020 01/15/2023
Chrissy Kardos
Public Health Clerk I Non-Management  
VS Member 01/18/2018* 07/17/2022

*Reappointed for another 3-year term in 2019



Quality Improvement Projects:

Project #1: Improving Childhood Immunization Clinics  (completed)

Project #2: Phone Routing and Answering #1  (completed)

Click here to see current list of QI Project proposals submitted and ranked by the QIC.


QI Plan Goals and Objectives Progress:

The QIC assesses the progress of the QI Plan goals and objectives on a quarterly basis. Below contains links to the latest progress reports available.

06/09/2016-09/30/2016 QI Plan Goals Progress (presented during All Staff Meeting on 10/28/2016)

10/01/2016-12/31/2016 QI Plan Goals Progress (included in 1/23/17 Board Meeting packet)

01/01/2017-03/31/2017 QI Plan Goals Progress (included in 4/24/17 Board Meeting packet)

04/01/2017-06/30/2017 QI Plan Goals Progress (included in 7/24/17 Board Meeting packet)

07/01/2017-09/30/2017 QI Plan Goals Progress (included in 10/30/17 Board Meeting packet)

10/01/2016-10/30/2017 QI Plan Goals Progress (presented during All Staff Meeting on 11/01/2017)

10/01/2017-12/31/2017 QI Plan Goals Progress (included in 01/22/18 Board Meeting packet)

01/01/2018-03/31/2018 QI Plan Goals Progress (included in 04/23/18 Board Meeting packet)

2016-2017 QI Plan Assessment and Effectiveness (included in 05/21/18 Board Meeting packet)

04/01/2018-06/30/2018 QI Plan Goals Progress (included in 07/23/18 Board Meeting packet)

11/01/2017-10/23/2018 QI Plan Goals Progress (presented during All Staff Meeting on 10/24/2018)

07/01/2018-09/30/2018 QI Plan Goals Progress (included in 11/26/18 Board Meeting packet)

10/01/2018-12/31/2018 QI Plan Goals Progress (included in 01/28/19 Board Meeting packet)

01/01/2019-03/31/2019 QI Plan Goals Progress (included in 04/29/19 Board Meeting packet)

04/01/2019-06/30/2019 QI Plan Goals Progress (included in 08/26/19 Board Meeting packet)

10/24/2018-10/30/2019 QI Plan Goals Progress (presented during All Staff Meeting on 10/30/2019)

07/01/2019-09/30/2019 QI Plan Goals Progress (included in 11/25/19 Board Meeting packet)

10/01/2019-12/31/2019 QI Plan Goals Progress (included in 02/24/20 Board Meeting packet)


QIC Meetings:

The QIC holds monthly meetings at least 10 months of the year. The below table lists their Meeting Agendas and Meeting Minutes.

Meeting Agenda   
Meeting Minutes
07/22/2016 07/22/2016
08/26/2016 08/26/2016
09/21/2016 09/21/2016
10/19/2016 10/19/2016
11/16/2016 11/16/2016 
12/07/2016 12/07/2016
01/18/2017 01/18/2017
02/15/2017 02/15/2017
N/A-Virtual Mtg 03/15/2017 
N/A-Virtual Mtg  04/19/2017
05/17/2017 05/17/2017
06/21/2017 06/21/2017
N/A-Virtual Mtg
N/A-Virtual Mtg 08/16/2017
09/20/2017 09/20/2017
10/18/2017 10/18/2017
11/15/2017 11/15/2017
12/20/2017 12/20/2017
01/17/2018 01/17/2018
02/21/2018 02/21/2018
04/18/2018 04/18/2018
N/A-Virtual Mtg 05/16/2018
N/A-Virtual Mtg 06/20/2018
N/A-Virtual Mtg 08/16/2018
09/19/2018 09/19/2018
10/16/2018 10/16/2018
11/29/2018 11/29/2018
N/A-Virtual Mtg 12/18/2018
01/16/2019 01/16/2019
03/20/2019 03/20/2019
04/17/2019 04/17/2019
N/A-Virtual Mtg 05/16/2019
07/17/2019 07/17/2019
08/21/2019 08/21/2019
09/18/2019 09/18/2019
10/16/2019 10/16/2019
N/A-Virtual Mtg 11/21/2019
02/19/2020 02/19/2020


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