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Beautify A Neighborhood (BAN) 2021

Program Objective:  To establish a public/private partnership aimed at fostering neighborhood beautification through dedication of public resources to neighborhood groups willing to assist the City in this process.

The “Beautify A Neighborhood” (BAN) litter program is based upon the premise that the City of Canton has a degree of responsibility to alleviate trash and litter problems within its borders. Acknowledging that the City cannot alleviate trash and litter problems on its own, the City seeks to promote partnerships with residents and neighborhood groups to solve the problem together.

The BAN program offers neighborhood groups the opportunity to partner with the City to clean up streets one neighborhood at a time. By doing this work as a partnership between the City and its residents, all involved learn the benefit of working together to achieve the shared goal of beautifying our neighborhoods.

How it works:  The City will set aside various weekends from April to October each year for neighborhood cleanups. Canton City Public Health (CCPH) will coordinate the BAN program. Any individual or organization within the City of Canton can apply to participate. Applying does not guarantee approval. CCPH will do their best to accommodate all applicants. Applicants will be notified of the approval or denial of their application. 

Upon approval, CCPH will work with the neighborhood event organizer to ensure they have supplies to assist their group and coordinate use of the City of Canton Recycling Center. Recycling Center information is available at No household hazardous waste can be placed at the curb or dumpster locations. All household hazardous waste must be taken to the City of Canton Recycling Center, located at 742 Schroyer Ave SW, Canton, OH 44707. The Recycling Center is open Tuesdays and Fridays from 9am-3pm by appointment only. Appointment scheduling is available at During the Saturday cleanup, tires may be placed next to the dumpsters, SEPARATE from the other waste. CCPH will remove the tires after 6pm on Saturday. No tires are to be placed at dumpster locations after 6pm on Saturday.  

The Sanitation Department will contact the event organizer one week prior to the event to determine locations for dumpsters. Dumpsters will be placed at the identified locations on Friday. On Saturday, residents are to place small waste in the front load dumpsters and furniture / other large items next to the dumpsters. Sanitation will remove the dumpsters and piles of large items after 6pm on Saturday. No waste is to be placed at dumpster locations after 6pm on Saturday. Waste not placed at the dumpsters, can be placed at the curb no earlier than noon the day before the normal trash day following the BAN weekend. Sanitation will only pick up materials that are properly bagged, wrapped and bundled...same rules that apply for normal trash pickup. Sanitation rules information is available at

The Building Code Department will drive the BAN area ahead of time and identify vacant/abandoned lots in need of mowing. Property owners must be given due process, therefore, the Building Code Department will send a letter to the owners to satisfy the legal requirements set by City Council. If property owners fail to mow, the vacant lot / abandoned property will be bid out to mowing contractors. Occupied properties will not be mowed by mowing contractors. High grass at occupied properties will be handled the same as other property maintenance code infractions (i.e. due process via orders and prosecutor’s office).

The Street Department will drive the BAN area ahead of the date and identify any hazardous tree trimming to be done in the road right-of-ways. They will contact the current tree contractor to trim those trees. As weather permits, the Street Department will sweep streets, fill pot holes and clean catch basin tops in the BAN area.

If you have questions, contact Gus Dria at 330-438-4647 or

Interested? Sign up today! Click here to download your application.

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