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Beautify A Neighborhood (BAN) B.A.N.

Litter in Action! The Canton Health Department coordinates the B.A.N. program. Through this program, department employees assist neighbors with a pre-determined neighborhood clean-up project. The specifications and available dates are listed below.

If you are interested in scheduling the department to assist with your neighborhood clean-up, please print and submit the application.

2018 Scheduled Dates (Dates that have already been reserved are listed in strikethrough) 4/23/18, 5/7/18,5/21/18, 6/11/18, 6/25/18, 7/9/18, 8/20/18, 9/10/18 and 9/24/18.

Program Objective: Establish a public/private partnership aimed at fostering neighborhood beautification through a dedication of public resources to those neighborhood groups willing to assist the City in this process. "BAN" Litter This program is based upon the premise that the City has a degree of responsibility in doing what it can to alleviate the trash and litter problems within its borders. Government cannot resolve every problem with which it’s confronted. However, acknowledging that the litter problem is beyond our ability to handle, it has become necessary to enlist the support of our citizenry to mitigate the effect of this problem.

The BAN-Litter program offers neighborhood groups the opportunity to partner with the City to clean up our streets one neighborhood at a time. By doing so, we hope to foster awareness of the importance of keeping Canton clean. We also hope that through the neighborhood approach, we can infuse our citizenry with a new-found pride.

Program Participants

How it Works The City will set aside various Mondays between April 1 and September 31st of each year for neighborhood cleanups. The Street Department will administer the program. Any individual or organization within the City can apply for one of the available dates. Applying does not guarantee that your needs will be met, but we will try to accommodate all. Once an application is approved, the Health Department will notify the applicant of same, and then begin the planning process. Should the application not be approved, we will notify the applicant and insure they understand why their application was denied.

What will the city do? The Street Department will work within the road right-a-way by sweeping the streets within the target area. In anticipation of the sweep, they will post streets to eliminate parked vehicles. They will clean catch basin traps, patch streets as necessary, etc. All bags of trash collected will be picked up and hauled away by the City’s Sanitation Department. There will be a follow-up inspection a day or so later to ensure that the area was thoroughly cleaned. We will pick up litter on public property in conjunction with the residents picking up litter on private property. If we encounter conditions beyond the scope of the cleanup, we will note the problems and follow it up through the administrative process. This would likely involve sending notice to owners of the offending property.

Interested? Sign up today! Click here to download your application.

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