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Adult Blood Lead Screening Clinic

A clinic is scheduled for December 8, 2021 from 4:00PM -7:00PM to conduct adult blood lead screening for those households that have been potentially impacted by recent lead air pollution releases at an industrial facility in Canton, OH. The clinic is by appointment only for adults in households in the study area.

Canton City Public Health (CCPH) has established a study area for potentially impacted households based on their proximity to the industrial facility. Here is a map of that area.

All households within the study area will be sent a post card directing them to this webpage to be able to schedule an appointment to participate in the screening clinic.

Information for this clinic:

  • What is lead in my blood?
    • Lead is a naturally-occurring toxic metal that has harmful effects on both children and adults. Effects range from no symptoms in very low levels to loss of memory, tremor, seizures, reproductive health issues and possibly death in very high exposures. More information on Adult Lead Poisoning can be found at the Ohio Department of Health.
  • Who is this for?
    • This survey clinic is for adults in your household who want to know the concentration of lead in their blood.
  • How will the sample be collected?
    • A small sample of blood will be collected using a finger stick and sent to a laboratory for analysis. You will be provided copies of the testing results. You should share this information with your primary care provider after you get the test results.
  • How will the results be used?
    • Information from your blood test will be used as part of a larger study to help determine the impact of lead in your area from industrial operations.
  • What do you need to participate in the testing?
    • You need the postcard that was mailed to your home which is in the study area.
  • How do I schedule my appointment?
    • This clinic is by appointment only. The clinic will be held on December 8, 2021 at the Edward Coleman Community Center, 1400 Sherrick Road, SE, Canton, OH  44707. You can schedule online or call (330) 438-4665.
  • Where can you get more information?
    • Call (330) 438-4665.
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