1 Canton City Health Department Public Inspection Reporting System
Welcome to the Canton City Health Department's
Public Inspection Reporting System.

From this site you can view the last inspection for different types of
facilities. Please select type of inspection from darker shaded green
items below or use side menu.
STANDARD - Restaurants,Grocery,Convenience or Drug Stores
       Standard Facility Inspections    
            A List of Restaurants,Grocery,Convenience or Drug Store's
        last  * Standard Inspection.
       Process Review For Food Establishment/Grocery Stores     
            A List of establishment's last  ** Process Review Inspection.
       Critical Control Point Inspections    
            A List of facility's last  *** Critical Control Point Inspection.
MOBILE - Concession stands.
       Mobile Facility Inspections     
            A List of Mobile Concession Stand's last   * Standard Inspection.
TEMPORARY - One time facility such as a festival.
       Temporary Facility Inspections    
            A List of one time event's last   * Standard Inspection.
VENDING - Vending machines which dispense food items.
       Vending Facility Inspections    
            A List of vending machines location's last   * Standard Inspection.
   *  "Standard Inspection" - means an inspection designed to determine
        compliance with Chapter 3717 of the Revised Code, division
        3715.551 of the Revised Code and the rules adopted thereunder.
   ** "Process Review Inspection" - means an inspection made to
        determine if a risk level four or food processing procedure is being
        conducted within the parameters required by Chapter 3717 of the
         Administrative Code.
   ***"Critical Control Point Inspection" - means an inspection
        made to determine a point or procedure in a specific food system
         where loss of control may result in an unacceptable health risk.