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2018 Food Safety Information

Opening a Restaurant

Opening a restaurant can be a rewarding experience and it can also be a frustrating one as well.  In order to help you through the process with the least amount of frustration, a few simple rules and suggestions may help.

Before any work is started, you must contact the health department, the building department and possibly the zoning department.  There may be others, but this a good start.

Requirements for the health department :


  • A set of plans of the facility drawn to scale.  The plans should identify the kitchen area and all other areas pertaining to the operation.
  • The make and model numbers of all the equipment that will be installed in your facility. Keep in mind that all equipment must be NSF approved (or the equivalent).  Information is usually available from the supplier of your equipment, also known as cut sheets.  Home style equipment is not permitted in a food service or food establishment operation.
  • How will the floors, walls and ceilings be finished?  What type of paint will be used, what type of flooring will be installed, etc?  All finishes used in the operation must be durable,smooth and easily cleanable.
  • What type of lighting will be installed?
  • A copy of the menu or list of foods that you will be either serving or selling. This enables the health department to determine if there is enough refrigeration, cooking or hot holding equipment and if there is enough space for dry storage in your facility.
  • Click here for the Food Facility Planning Application

Upon completion of all the health department's requirements along with a satisfactory inspection by the health department we will issue an application for a food service license or a food establishment license.

You may contact our office at 330 438-4656 during business hours for additional information.




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